Astrology and Psychic Services as a Sustainable Livelihood

As the economy stresses people, the more they turn to psychics, astrologers, palm readers, Tarot card shufflers, numerologists and other paranormal specialists.  So it’s not surprising that one out of our people from all walks of life believes in astrology and consults astrologers to get advice on their personal, marital, financial, and business issues. This includes Wall Street traders. To paraphrase one astrology Web site:

Astrology reveals your cosmic blueprint, divine intent and cosmic gifts for fulfilling your part in the cosmic plan. Astrology is one of three major factors (cosmic, genetic and environmental) that determine who you ultimately turn out to be. Any one of these can have a dominating influence over our life, so it is very important to know the dominating astrological influences in your life, body, business and world view.

Astrology dates back thousands of years to ancient civilizations, probably to about the time humans observed that the moon causes the tides and the sun causes the seasons. Ancient Greek and Chinese sages studied the stars and planets, and decided to correlate their alignment and position in the skies with predictions about the events in people’s lives and their fates. The art or science they created is based on interpreting the relationship and position of celestial bodies in the twelve zodiacs to the day a person was born and where those planets and stars are now. Some people who accept astrology believe that personalities and fates are predestined by the cosmos, and that astrological readings help them understand what the heavens have destined for our lives; others believe the cosmos influences our lives and that readings can help us to put those influences to good advantage.

Preparing a person’s astrological chart is complicated and until recently time-consuming, in that it requires research and many calculations regarding the position of different stars and planets. The adoption of computers has completely changed how astrologers work because software has been developed that greatly facilitates the mathematical calculations, reducing the time it takes to produce a high-quality forecast from hours to minutes.

The field of astrology is filled with two types of people: those who stick to reporting what the chart reveals and those who take a more interpersonal approach, rendering their readings taking into account their subjective impressions of their clients.

Dell Norwood, for instance, is an astrologer who focuses on natal astrology and two other branches: horary (meaning of the hour) and ephemeris (meaning of the earth). In each of these cases, she uses different types of charts to perform readings that assess the compatibility between two people or the birth of an idea.

In contrast, Robert Corre works closely with his clients and tries to learn more about who they are and what their goals are. In his mind, astrology is an art, not a science. Much of what he forecasts, he says, lies not only in the chart he prepares but also in the relationship he establishes with his clients. He learns to read his clients using his senses. As he says, “I am good at conjecture, making an educated guess—deducing and speculating what my clients need to know.”

Getting started in astrology as a career begins by taking courses at local colleges or hiring a tutor to teach you, as Robert Corre did. There are also various on-line at-home study programs.

Once you have learned the craft, it can take a considerable time to build up a large-enough clientele to make a reasonable full-time income in this business. It took Robert Corre seven years to build up his practice. He points out that now that he’s established a reputation, he has access to a steady pool of clientele because he lives in the New York City area.

The range of potential clients you can seek encompasses most areas of human concern. Corre says that most of his clients are women who have similar questions about relationship issues. But all kinds of people consult astrologers for business and personal decisions, such as changing jobs, getting married, moving, and making investments, and more. Parents of newborns want to have their babies’ charts done to help them understand their children’s personalities and guide them in rearing their children. And you have undoubtedly heard that many entertainment celebrities, politicians, and famous businesspeople consult astrologers in making important career decisions, financial investments, or even for political advice. Some businesses use astrologers to assess the compatibility of new hires with their current employees, for strategic planning, new-product evaluations, team building, and one-on-one management counseling.

Check these resources:

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Kepler College of Astrological Arts & Sciences

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