1. We don’t have children but I wnedor if it’s an issue of complacency. When we engage in an activity repeatedly without incident we develop a level of comfort and, although perceived, a certain level of projected outcome for the next time we engage in that activity.On 1604, it is sad but frequently I see risky behaviour by some motorcyclists, weaving in and out of traffic and riding between vehicles. Why they do this is beyond me and I can only assume they’ve done it before and gotten away with it so they do it again. Not too long ago I witnessed a man riding between vehicles and two days later read about a 27 year old man killed on 1604 while weaving between cars and wnedored if it was the same person.So with respect to the helmets, if there hasn’t been an incident I would assume the parent and or child does not deem them necessary. Why a parent would not enforce safety gear, however, I don’t know are they even aware?I might think, too, that the level of risk associated with driving a vehicle is seen as being greater than riding a bike which is why more folks buckle up vs. helmet up. We don’t witness bike accidents but we see plenty of car accidents that serve as reminders. It’s something I consider every time I’m behind the wheel of my vehicle but not necessarily my bike.Just my 2 cents. And I hope this post serves as reminder to all riders regardless of age.

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